Project Pipeline the movie!

This short film premiered at the Nanaimo Global Film Festival this weekend.  Please share and show.  For the love of this land, we must stop building pipelines.

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Project Pipeline the movie!

Hello friends.  My short film, Project Pipeline and the art of activism will be premiered next Friday at 7 pm at the Nanaimo Global Film Festival.  This festival is at the University of Vancouver Island Nanaimo campus.  Please share the evite below.  Hope to see you there!


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Digging Us a Hole

If you would like to share this video, please do!







Three Reasons

Thank you to all those who came to my presentation last night, it was a great evening!  

My hope is that we will prevent a world class oil spill on our coast by stopping these pipelines from being built and we will move beyond an oil based economy.  We have the technology to change our energy sources, but it won’t be easy.  Lots of little things make big things happen.  Please do something little to help protect our environment for future generations.  What can I do,  you ask?  Forward this video to 2 people and ask them to forward it to 2 people.  It’s just that easy. 

You can make a difference!


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Three Reasons from Catherine Wallace on Vimeo.

I’m back with new art + more information!

Are you busy on Saturday, September 7 at 7:00 pm?

I am giving an artist talk, new video presentation about tar sands, pipelines and supertankers.  Please come by to get updated and informed about the decisions being made about your future and your children’s, children’s future.  


This project has now concluded


On Monday June 24 the Joint Review Panel hearing process for the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline proposal was completed.  I started this blog 500 days ago, at the loud and frantic beginning of that hearing process. began focused on the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline but has since become concerned about all pipelines that lead to tar sands.  I now realize that most pipelines, some more directly than others,  are connected to the massive ecocide site called the Canadian tar sands.  Everything about that project is lethal. 

The three person JRP now retreats from the spotlight to deliberate; I too am moving in a new direction.  First, I am going to explore some of  the Great Bear Rainforest.  I am so lucky.  When I return my new direction will be clear, I hope.  🙂  

To those of you who have been with me, and I know who you are, are we informed or what?  Not only have I learned tons, I have learned how to learn.  Knowledge is power,  power is life!  

happy friday,

Catherine Wallace


JB The First Lady performs at Pipeline Resistance Cafe for Unist’ot’en Camp