Tar Sands protest in the UK

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 10.02.40 AM

 The voices against tar sands expansion are growing louder.    Stephen Harper went to London and was met by crowds of  protesters, standing in solidarity with First Nations communities and everyone in Canada trying to stop the destruction.  Harper is determined to sell bitumen to Europe.    

Below is some of the media coverage!

CTV News: Protesters greet Harper at British Parliament

Vancouver Observer – Harper met by multiple tar sands protests in London

BBC – Protesters held over Parliament trespass

Montreal Gazette – Harper to balance oilsands lobbying with trade concessions during Europe trip

CBC – Anti-oilsands protestors greeted the Canadian prime minister as he arrived at the British Houses of Parliament

Toronto Star – Environmentalists opposed to oilsands development protest Harper’s appearance at Westminster

The Guardian – Tar sands activists in Commons protest against Canadian PM

The Independent –  Protesters target Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper during Parliament visit

Washington Post – British police arrest environmental activists targeting Canadian PM Harper’s visit

Reuters – Three oil protesters held, say they scale roof of UK parliament

Upstream – Online Arrests in Westminster tar sands protest

EurActiv –  Canada ‘spins’ mining disclosure laws on back of EU’s approval

Daily Mail –  Protesters outside Parliament during a visit by Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper

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