Destroying art in protest

This action didn’t make the calendar of Enbridge events that I posted on Saturday.  I will be at the Delta  filming, hope to see you there too!

Anne Hansen, artist
Victoria, BC

N E W S    R E L E A S E
Artist To Destroy Own Art at Enbridge Hearings

Oystercatchers #346, copyright Anne Hansen, artist (48" x 60")

January 7, 2013


Red Sky In Morning, Sailors Take Warning

What:  Anne Hansen’s coastal art blackout
When:  Wednesday January 9th, 2013 @ 1 pm
Where:  Waterfront promenade in front of Delta Ocean Pointe Hotel, 45 Songhees Road, Victoria, BC

All welcome to join in person or in spirit!  

Victoria, BC.    Well-known Victoria wildlife artist Anne Hansen will paint over in black a recent coastal panorama she created especially for the Enbridge oil pipeline hearings.

“This action will be much more meaningful than anything I could say to the hearing panel,” says Hansen.  “Seems we have to draw a picture for these people.” 

The four by five foot painting, with a red sky, is called Red Sky In Morning, Sailors Take Warning.   It is a vibrant array of west coast life, with sea lions, mergansers, oystercatchers and the Steller’s jay, BC’s provincial bird.

“Climate change is moving at an alarming pace.  Canada’s tar sands is a significant contributor.  Instead of oil pipelines and tankers in our rocky waters, Canada needs to enter the modern economy and create jobs in renewable energy, like Denmark and Germany.  These countries have cold winters and a standard of living like our own,” she says.

After making the painting, Anne learned that visual aids are discouraged, yet she intends to speak as scheduled on the evening of January 9th.  “It’s alarming that the panel has prohibited the public from attending the hearings.  They’re sending spectators to a closed-circuit TV several kilometres away.  Even Victoria’s member of parliament has been denied entry.  It’s called a hearing, but it’s their official policy not to hear, so it should be called what it is.  If there are protests, that means the public is opposed.  They must heed these voices in order to make a democratic decision.”

Toronto-based art fan Angela Bischoff says, “I have been thrilled about Anne Hansen’sOystercatchers shorebird series since she started her 350 paintings five years ago.  Her recent picture marks a new point in her prolific art career.  It’s a shame she is painting over one of her finest works yet, but it’s for a great cause.”  Canadian artist Mendelson Joe wryly describes Hansen as “an ornithological Emily Carr on mescaline.”


Anne Hansen, artist   Media please contact artist for electronic image of artwork.

oystercatcher girl blog

Anne Hansen at the Enbridge protest on Friday.

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