Now is the time

victoria hearings

The Enbridge hearings are in Victoria until next Friday and that means there are all sorts of actions, protests and info sessions to attend.  What is all the fuss about?  Why do so many people seem so concerned?  There is very good reason to be concerned.  Click on the calendar below to get to the social  coast website for even more awesome events .   Click right here to listen to the live audio webcast of the hearings.  Click on the photo above to see the exact times of the live webcasts.  

We live in interesting times, be alert, the world needs more lerts.

resist cover_0001

Come to the Vancouver Island School of Art on Thursday January 10 and see me!  I will be talking and showing the art I have created during the last 11 months. and the Art of Activism.  

3 thoughts on “Now is the time

  1. Hi Catherine, Could you please double-check the Social Coast National Energy Board calendar? It looks to me like they missed most of the actual hearing times, such as today’s and also misses several days next week. OK! See you probably today and for sure Thursday evening. Hugs, Cheryl

    • Hi Cheryl, This is the link to the JRP website which is detailed and up to date. The photo on the top of today’s post also has this link.

      See you soon! happy saturday, Catherine

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