Idle No More

 Pipelines can now be built anywhere, all obstacles have been removed.

“First, it is a matter of social and environmental justice. When corporate profit is privileged over the health of our lands and waters, we all suffer. When government stifles debate, democracy is diminished. Bill C-45 is just the latest in a slew of legislation that undermines Canadians’ rights. In standing against it, the First Nations are standing for us too.”       December 20,2012

“Billions have indeed been spent – not on fixing housing, building schools or ending the country’s two-tiered child aid services, but on a legal war against aboriginal communities. Every year, the government pours more than $100m into court battles to curtail aboriginal rights – and that figure alone went to defeating a single lawsuit launched by two Alberta First Nations trying to recover oil royalties essentially stolen by bureaucrats.”     December 20,2012


Screen Shot 2012-12-13 at 10.49.57 PM


This movement is too massive to explain in a few sentences.  There is so much happening, so much energy swirling around.  I have trouble sleeping at night thinking of Theresa Spence starving to death for her people, for ALL OF US.  Join a rally, go to the website (click on photo above), talk to people, ask questions, call your local elected official.  Can we really just sit and listen anymore?  Nothing is protected anymore.  Lakes and rivers,  coastlines,  First Nations land.  Pipelines can now be built anywhere, all obstacles have been removed.








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