we all know what we need

Today is my 300th consecutive day posting on this blog!  If I had to sum up what I have learned in the last 42 weeks I would say this;  the only reason pipelines are being proposed and built is to allow for tar sands expansion.  I, and millions of intelligent people around the world, think this is a really bad idea.  There is no question anymore that we, humans, are causing global warming and climate change.  We, Canadians, are speeding up this process by burning fossil fuels and releasing hydro carbons into the atmosphere at an alarming rate in northeastern Alberta.  

I have learned that the Canadian government had to drop out of the Kyoto Accord because there is no way we could have reached the required targets and continued with tar sands expansion.  I have learned that the Canadian government is spending millions of our tax dollars trying to convince Europe and many other countries to buy tar sands bitumen.  It is unthinkable to me, that Canada has no national energy strategy.  No future plans for energy, except tar sands expansion.  Scientists around the world are doing amazing research and development in solar and wind power.  Why is our government firing scientists?   Why is our government giving us no sustainable options for our future energy needs?  Why does our government subsidize the oil industry and not the solar industry? 

Silence equals acceptance.  

I do not agree with my government.  So I will keep learning and posting and talking.  There are so many options that Canadians  are being denied because of tar sands expansion.  The sun rises everyday!



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3 thoughts on “we all know what we need

  1. Thanks Catherine, for your perseverance. The truth will eventually win out, but right now things are not looking so bright. Your art and honest words, straight from your heart, help shine some needed light.

  2. I have been following “this story” for quite awhile now and have come to the conclusion that while I am certainly opposed to tankers on our coast I am most disturbed by the present government’s willingness to take away our democracy, our parliament and whatever else stands in the way of getting the Asian oil market. I hope enough Canadian voters keep all this in mind come the next federal election.

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