Ben West on CTV

I usually don’t post mainstream morning shows, however Ben West is one of my favourite voices against pipelines and supertankers.  It seems we are talking to brick walls when stating that money is not the point.  It is about living on the coast just as it is now and forever.  

Ben West – CTV Morning Live – Kinder Morgan and Enbridge Tar Sands Pipelines from ben west on Vimeo.

One thought on “Ben West on CTV

  1. sliammon people, never wanted treaty and treaty was voted down in 2002, and they continued, without a referendum, without a vote, they say we dont need the people , we can go ahead , and do what we want, we need a lawyer to help us, but noone will youch this as they have t5he power to do what they want, and its sliammon peoples moies they are using to beat us, omg helpm sliammon people,for all the corruption, stop the treaty , stop the embridge, we dont want treaty , nor pipelines, or our land raided and raped of trees, mineral , oil . its already been raide d of trees , and only certain people gain , this is all sliammon peoples lands .

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