welcome to project pipeline

This blog is about the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline.  

There is a massive amount material about this important issue.

 I will respond to all the information I gather,  here.  

This is an interactive map I found on the CBC website.  Give it a try!

My research of this subject quickly led me to The Dogwood Initiative website.  Check it out for tons of information about the amazing place in which we live.  

I composed the email below and started sending it to 2 people every day.  The theory;  if there are no tankers there will be no pipeline.  If you know of anyone who hasn’t signed this petition yet pass it on.

Help stop the expansion of oil supertanker traffic through B.C.’s coastal waters


Can you take 5 minutes to sign this petition?  I have researched this group, The Dogwood Initiative, and believe they have the network, technology and attitude to grow huge, which is what needs to happen to ensure there will never be an oil spill on the coast of British Columbia.

They are located in Victoria and their website is really informative and inspiring.

Can you forward this to 2 people?



Catherine  Wallace

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